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    Glenda Nichols was a God send for my family. Twelve years as a Realtor I felt I could represent myself in this new home purchase. Well, things started getting real sticky with this “For Sale by Owner” we were trying to purchase. I called on a listing she had at the time, before ending that first call I had pretty much committed to using Glenda as a Buyer’s Agent. I remember thinking once I hung up with her, “Oh, I like her!” She was everything I was as a realtor and more! I felt that she was the wiser one, the “Protector”. This wasn’t just a business transaction to her, this was finding a strong healthy house where memories are made. She wanted to help, no hidden agendas. She’s good people and really good at what she does. I am so thankful for Love Those Mountains Realty.

    Satisfied Client

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