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We Really Do Love Those Mountains!


Love Those Mountains Realty are true professionals, experienced, and driven to work hard to their own high standards-more than any other Realtors we’ve worked with. We were looking for an “off the grid” log cabin 600 miles away and could only use vacation time within just a few months to find one. We knew nothing about the local market or the building and maintenance of log cabins, but we didn’t have to, because they did! We learned a lot, including characteristics of a primary cabin home versus those designed for short term rentals. At one point after a lot of work on their part, we wanted to look in another state, so they spent time interviewing realtors, until they found one they felt comfortable transitioning us to. After a month we decided to buy in Georgia after all, and our realtor was immeasurably helpful getting us through the purchase process. The mortgage broker they recommended and real estate attorney they work with, exceeded our expectations in expertise and flexibility-plus, we chose to use vacation time to be there in person for the closing, and it wasn’t for naught-we closed on time and without a hitch or worry. We are delighted with our purchase!

Satisfied Cabin Buyer

I have known these folks for many years now, one of the things that has always impressed me about these Realtors is their ability to come up with witty ideas on how to market their listings, they are very creative at this and it definitely gives them an edge over the competition. Love Those Mountains Realtors are also the hardest working people I have ever known, they do not know the words give up, & when they make a commitment to something they will see it through to the end, a quality that is hard to come by these days. These Realtors also strive for excellence in their work and life, they believe if a job is worth doing it is worth doing right, I know this first hand as I have worked with these folks on many projects over the years. If you are looking for a knowledgeable company who will put you and your home first, Love Those Mountains Realty is the one!

Michael K.

Glenda Nichols was a God send for my family. Twelve years as a Realtor I felt I could represent myself in this new home purchase. Well, things started getting real sticky with this “For Sale by Owner” we were trying to purchase. I called on a listing she had at the time, before ending that first call I had pretty much committed to using Glenda as a Buyer’s Agent. I remember thinking once I hung up with her, “Oh, I like her!” She was everything I was as a realtor and more! I felt that she was the wiser one, the “Protector”. This wasn’t just a business transaction to her, this was finding a strong healthy house where memories are made. She wanted to help, no hidden agendas. She’s good people and really good at what she does. I am so thankful for Love Those Mountains Realty.

Satisfied Client

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